Q: When do the entry gates open?

A: Gates open at 5 PM every night of the festival.

Q: Where are the gates located?

A: The Main Gate is located at the corner of Chestnut and Aquarium way. Other gates include: The Hunter Museum Gate located near the Hunter Museum at the top of the stairs leading down to RIverfront Parkway, The Riverside Drive Gate located on Lookout and Aquarium Way, The Walnut Street Bridge Gate located under the South end of the Walnut Street Bridge and the Marina Gate located on Riverfront Parkway West of the Olgiati Bridge.

Q: Are there any shuttles to the festival?

A: The Riverbend Ride shuttle will be available for $1 per ride from 6PM-12:15AM every night of the festival. Parking is available at Finley Stadium and the Chattanooga Choo Choo. The shuttle will drop off patrons at the Marine entrance of the festival on Riverfront Parkway.

Q: Can I boat to the festival?

A: Boaters can enter the festival through the Walnut Street Pier Gate, but admission must be purchased in advance.

Q: What is the alcoholic beverage policy?

A: Refer to the "Policies" section of the website.

Q: Can I bring a blanket for seating?

A: Yes, bring a blanket and stretch out on the lawn in front of the Coca Cola Stage for only $10 a person (per night) with your Riverbend admission. Wristbands for blanket seating are available at the entrance to the Blanket Seating area located down the concrete steps toward the waterfront off Riverfront Parkway.

Q: Is the festival handicapped accessible?

A: Accessible parking is provided at the parking lot in front of the Tennessee Aquarium adjacent to the Main Gate on Chestnut and Aquarium Way. Viewing areas are reserved at ground level at each stage and restroom facilities for the handicapped are available at each First Aid location.

Q: Where are the ATM locations?

A: ATMs can be found throughout the festival grounds. ATMs are also located inside the Main Gate and other festival locations.

Q: What are festival tokens?

A: Festival tokens can be purchased at .$50 cents each and are used for all food and beverage purchases. Token Centers are also located throughout the festival where they are sold at face value. They are good for all days of the festivals and are non-refundable. Tokens can also be used for next year's festival.

Q: Where do I park?

A: Refer to the "Parking" section of the website.

Q: What do I do if I have lost my child?

A: The "Lost Parents Tent" is located at the Main Gate at Aquarium Way and Chestnut Street. 

Q: Is there a family zone?

A: Yes, the family zone is a smoke and alcohol free area located on Riverfront Parkway behind the Aquarium.

Q: Are there volunteers for the festival?

A: Yes, there are more than 1,400 volunteers at Riverbend that will gladly assist you with any questions you should have at the festival. Look for their special EVENT STAFF t-shirts and official ID badges. Refer to the Volunteer tab on the home page if you wish to become a volunteer.

Q: Is there first aid?

A: First AID services are provided by Hamilton County Emergency Services and located throughout the festival site.


For more information call (423) 756-2211. The Riverbend Festival is produced by Friends of the Festival, a non-profit organization with offices at 180 Hamm Rd, Chattanooga, TN 37405