Shawn Cooley

Saturday • June 9 • 6:15pm • TVFCU Stage

Shawn Cooley, a 24-year-old musician residing in the valley of Dunlap, TN. He brings a message that contains stories from his life that many in the area can relate. In the last 5 years this up and comer has crafted his sound derived from sources such as hip-hop and southern rock music. When listening to his music it is obvious his roots go back to faith which is a key component in his life and outreach. His music has been written for all ages and performs in venues suitable for all of the family to enjoy. Shawn has built up a respectable online following. His Facebook music videos have over 400,000 hits and his Youtube videos total over 75,000 views.


Cooley’s live performances are accompanied by a very talented band who goes by the name “Time Truck”. The band includes drummer Curt Lee, guitarist Gavin Tate, and bassist/guitarist Zach Olendorf. The shows often include back up vocalist Matt Brock who has a demanding, powerful voice. All of the members represent the Sequatchie Valley.