John Lee Hooker said in Boogie Chillen, “…I heard Papa tell Mama let that boy boogie-woogie…it’s in him and it got to come out…” That is how the Playin Possum Blues Band got together, out of necessity. Our mission is to help keep traditional blues music alive, the music you would hear coming out of the Juke Joints on those hot and humid Saturday nights in the south with a harmonica, a guitar and some rhythm back up from the likes of Robert Petway, Eddie Boyd, and Memphis Minnie Douglas. The songs of inspiration, heart break and love on the run. This music started in Mississippi, moved up through Memphis to Chicago where it was shipped overseas, repackaged and sent back to us as Rock n’ Roll. Join the Playin Possum Blues Band for some traditional blue-eyed blues and originals direct from Suck Creek Tennessee, as they do their part to keep the Blues alive. It’s a history lesson you can dance to. Featuring Robin Baker guitar and vocals, T.C. Cox on drums, Eliot Richie, harmonica and Chad Simpson, bass.