Bessie Smith Strut

Bessie Smith Strut

Monday | June 13, 2016 Schedule

The Bessie Smith Strut is one day of the Riverbend Festival that features blues bands and local nightclub bands of every variety. The Riverbend Festival begins on the 2nd Friday in June and continues nightly until the 3rd Saturday in June. The Bessie Smith Strut is the Monday night venue.  ADMISSION IS $10 PER PERSON.  Noted also for the large variety of different barbecue stands offering barbecued pork, beef, turkey, and seafood. The Strut is known to be jam-packed, and offers lots of great people-watching. It has been characterized in past years by 'people getting along' and having a good time.


5:30 - Peterson Brothers Band

7:00 - Jarekus Singleton

9:00 - Latimore


6:00 - Peggy Ratusz & Daddy Longlegs


7:30 - Mr. Sipp